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Guestbook   (Sample Comments)

Frank Howard III   (15 Jan 2012)

Just saw the website and it's great to hear the old tapes. This was the soundtrack of my childhood. Whether I liked it or not. I've got some old cassettes Dad gave me and I'm speaking to him on the phone as I write this. We will put together some photos and scan them and send some recordings for you to add if you wish.

I also played with the band for a while when I could and loved it. I played from 81 to 83 at Cedars and a few times since and have had a great time. The fact the I got to play with Dad, Hugo, Lance and the rest of the band was, for me, a real dream come true. I only wish I'd gotten to play with both Dad and Frank Howard Sr.

At least I've gotten to play with my grade 7,8 music teacher (Barry) my high school music teacher (Doug) and my father recently. No stress.

Thanks for the effort in keeping these memories alive.


Kathy Spafford   (14 May 2010)

Wow! A friend of mine told me they had seen a Frank Howard website. I went on. What a time machine. It's like I'm back there, 17 years old again. I wish.

It was a special time in my life. So many fantastic musicians and friendships. And Frank. What an opportunity he gave me. Helped me find my voice, so to speak, and sent me off on my way to my music career. I'm still singing and writing today.

Those were the days!


Carole   (01 Feb 2010)

While I did not know you back in 1978, I am so glad that I have that opportunity now, to see you as you were then. Even better that, I can hear you! I know that music was an important part of your youth and how it influenced you. I understand why you sing to me all the time and know so many songs!

Isn't it wonderful that now, all these years later, you are the one on the dance floor, with me, listening to the various bands I introduce to you? Keep up the good work, sweetheart!


Francine (Howard) Maurice   (13 Dec 2009)

Wow! I'm so excited that I stumbled onto your web page. I was actually speaking to my brother, Frank, when I found it.

As I listened, my eyes welled up with tears as I realised what my dad's music has meant to so many people in the Quinte area, especially the young musicians like yourself.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane Glen, your comments have touched my heart more than words can express.


Ken Laird   (24 Nov 2009)

just "stumbled" into this site.... brings back lots of memories.. of good times, good music, and certainly good fun and company!! Glad to see that 'though we may be gone we are not forgotten......

ps... all the very best to any other members who are still around.


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